Writer’s FOG

It is the worst having writer’s block. You have so much on your mind, so many great ideas, but as soon as your fingers touch the keyboard… BLAH! This is the worst when you are so motivated to write.

I want to began a novel, however, I am unsure where to start. Well, I am sure that I want the book to be fiction of course, I am sure that I want the main character to be a woman, young and a believer.

I think I am getting jammed up when I try to figure out what the problem is. I searched a few websites on how to make an outline for a novel. And I found most of them helpful. However my problem is creating a climax for my story.

I find it funny how easy it is for the human brain to think of something terrible, yet, I can’t think of a simple crisis. I am thinking I will start with a short story, then I will move on up from there.

Are there any suggestions, advice, anything that would help? Please!

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