It is very easy to think quickly and think that you will quickly get something done.

But whats happens when as soon as you think you are going to continue with that hard decision you have to make to realize that you can’t find it in you to follow through…

You hesitate.

One thing I found different in my life reborn is that there isn’t much I question…

Well things that I was slow to get before, I am all the more powerful now.

Not at all because of my own doing, but all because the Lord.

My hope is found in Him alone.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can become terrified at making a choice, however through thoughtful prayer with our Father I know I am able to make a choice confidently.

Would you call this fear?

Would it be low self esteem?

Is this something we all experience?

Hesitation… hmm

via Daily Prompt: Hesitate



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