Homemade Soap Making

Ahh, how fun it is to create your own household items? Very great, if you ask me. I think hey why not make your own products knowing the ingredients in it and also what you want in it. Here I tried to make my own soaps. Now this was last year about this time. I came up with a great idea to try and make soaps and then give them away as gifts so that I can possibly sale soap during the following year. (This year…) Am I selling soap? Nope. I am not.

Here are some things I believed I struggled with before, during, and after trying to attempt selling homemade soaps:

  • Some of the ingredients made to make soap are slightly dangerous (NOT good to have kids around)
  • A bit of a longer process
  • More expensive ingredients, since you want to use fine ingredients on your skin
  • Worried that someone may sue you because of a breakout on their skin
  • Not enough money or time to even have a trail and error time frame

I enjoyed making the soaps, it was also definitely fun to use because I knew I made them. However the process for making them were definitely too much with a kid. Is there any advice for future possibilities that I may make soap again? I know sugar scrubs we’re excited, however that’s probably best in another blog as well. Soap making was fun and I think it was a great gift idea! Selling, mmm I wasn’t too sure about… I mean being sued for someone breaking out over your product, the thought scared me! So I kept it a hobby for myself and tried the next thing… better luck next time I suppose!

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