Don’t Hate, Percolate

Imagine waking up to a cold morning and things are going rather smooth, you go to your kitchen and start brewing yourself some coffee. But you forget to put the filter in the coffee maker. You finish getting ready and then pour your self a cup a coffee. You make it up exactly how you enjoy your coffee. Then sit down with your blogs that you begin to read, and that first sip is spit out and the face you make is of disgust.


No good once you forget that filter. I wish we can picture our lives as such. Not towards others but within ourselves. I know that I pray that I can keep a sober mind. Keep that filter not only to be the nicest person, but really it is because it is the grace that God has given to me. I should be able to share that. I should be able to explain why. And it is not at all on my own but what is given to me by our Savior. I have the ability to keep the ‘coffee bean grains’ out. It is only because of Him.

Really think about how we interact with one another without a sober mind. We are rude, we are careless, we are prideful, just filthy! If we allow Christ in our life and realize everything He laid down for us, this one rule wouldn’t be as hard as it may seem without Him. I guess the only thing that is hard for me is that I know He is perfect and He saved me… I can’t imagine why anyone would do such a thing. Let’s practice daily on giving love being sober minded as He is to us. via Daily Prompt: Percolate


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