What is Up with Etsy?

So I have been considering selling a few things of mine online. I have made homemade candles and finger knitted scarfs. I think I can get my name out there with the products I have. I am a stay-at-home mom and enjoy these hobbies just for fun. But if I can make some profit along the way and help my husband with some type of income, then why not? I will write another post in detail about the hobbies I have been enjoying, however now I am just curious if Etsy is all the talk I’ve heard about it? Some people say don’t do because:

  • They take all your money
  • They have false products that people would rather look at
  • It is difficult to promote your own products
  • People’s reviews are not accurate
  • You can’t keep in touch with who bought your items
  • It is hard for people to find your products

Now, if these things are accurate then I’d properly lean away from doing this. I would rather direct sale or just begin a site and reach out to people to visit my site. I only heard these negative things about Etsy, which I imagine would already lead people away from it. I guess I am curious if it is true? Does anyone know if these things are true and if not how to overcome them?


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