We Live Filthy

I truly wonder if we realize how dirty we really are? We have dirty minds and dirty thoughts, dirty actions… just filthy! So many people tend to think and believe that they are just so clean and perfect. But how can any of us be in such a filthy world? 

Now we I ran past the @DailyPost, Daily Prompt word #Filthy, I wondered what will I write about. What can I truly say about the word filthy? I quickly glanced at a few post from others and noticed how easy it is for people to talk about either other people OTHER then themselves or objects and materialistic items. And I agree… of course it is easier to see someone’s life and call it filthy but imagine how difficult it is to stand up and say you know what I am a mess. 

The more I learn about myself the more I realize that I am a very dirty person. I thank God for His grace on me. Giving His perfect only Son to cleanse me from my filthiness. I hope I can reach out to others and share the gospel. We are all in need of a Savior. I thank Him so much because no matter how much I wash my hands they continued to stay dirty on my own. Only by His grace was I able to come clean.


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