Who Am I?

I consistently feel like I am surrounded by people who just ‘know who they are’. They know where they want to be in life. They know what they are good at. They pursue their dreams and follow through (seems like fairly easy). And I feel like I can’t catch a break. Being married and a mother of almost two, I am at home… I don’t know about you but I get stuck thinking I should be a great cook or an awesome at home sales agent. Whelp, I am neither… I have no idea what I am good at, however my next few blogs will be on the things I have tried (most I have failed) and things I enjoyed (which I probably failed at). Then I will just keep updating my blog like trail and error. I figured the least I can do is keep track through writing! Maybe I can get some advice, or I can help others where I have failed time and time again. I know that God calls me to be somebody and doing something… I just am finding it. Join me on this long long ride I am getting ready to take!


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