Taking it Back… First!

Hmm, I suppose like most people in America, I started to try and “find myself” slightly during my senior year of high school. But my life took a spin once I became a believer of Jesus Christ. So I’d say once I was married. And now a mother. I’m definitely trying to figure out who I am… I believe I first tried to sell Avon products.


  • I was younger and had time and energy
  • I knew a little about most of the products
  • Income from home


  • Didn’t have the social media on my side
  • Terrible at bluiding customers
  • Too shy to be open
  • Wasn’t using my time wisely

Now I believe I could have been very effective in selling products if I knew what I know now. However I bet with a second child on the way I’d have my hands full. I’ve been asked… “Would you sell Avon again?” And my answer is that I totally would, I think I have learned some mistakes that I can definitely try and make better.

Well when I do, I will keep you updated. I don’t think I am a terrible salesman, but then again… maybe. Goes to show, I’m not selling it now.

Let me get some advices on selling products… what worked for you? What didn’t work? Is there anything worth selling for additional income?


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